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Erin’s Fitness Club’s online portal offers a variety of certifications. If you are interested in working in the field of nutrition, personal training, physical therapy, or simply interested in health and fitness education, these programs are the perfect fit for you. These online certification programs will teach you how to be a successful health, fitness and diabetes educator within the community. You will also have the opportunity to work hands on with people that have diabetes, athletes, PT assessments, etc.  Moreover, this program will enable students to work on their networking skills and also help identify opportunities in their professional future.

Some of the courses offer opportunity for internships and working hour credits. Perhaps you are a working professional and in need of CEC’s, these programs would be a perfect fit for you!




Hi! We’re Your Coaches!

EFC Fitness Health Diabetes Educator Certification $179

By taking this course, students will have the ability to gain the knowledge in both health, fitness and diabetes to become educators for their community.

Moreover, this program will enable students to work on their networking skills and also help identify opportunities in their professional future.




Specialized Trainer Career Certification $499

This course teaches you the step by step method to create relationships with clients both disabled and/or ill.

You will have the opportunity to work with clients here at Erin’s Fitness Club hands-on, which will help educate and emancipate your ability to work with all types of clients in the health industry.

In this four week course you will get the opportunity to learn how to create health and fitness programs for your assigned client, track their progress, implement changes and receive hands on work experience to add to your resume.

Reference letter available upon course completion.


Marketing as an Educator $99

After you have completed your Diabetes Educator Course, we encourage you to proceed on and learn how to become an active Diabetes Educator out in the community.

Our 7-step process gives you the ability to learn how to create, sell, market and manage your own event! You will gain some excellent skills to add to your arsenal especially when it comes to tangible experience.

Price: $ 99.00

*Inquire within for this opportunity*

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Life Coach For Christ

Knowledge and experience is not meant to be gained and kept, but to be passed as wisdom for others to create a stronger bond amongst society. Especially the younger generations. If you find yourself being the outlet for people to vent or confide in you, there is definitely something there about your spirit.

*Coming soon*


EFC Sales Representative

We are always seeking highly ambitious, positive individuals that are driven by a genuine spirit and want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Use your certification with us as an educator and become one of our high level sales representatives.

If you love to work with other professionals and enjoy educating the community, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

*Inquire within for this job opportunity*


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