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With disco lights and dj music, Erin’s Fitness Club brings an added excitement to working out and staying fit.

Erin and her coaches create workouts and nutrition plans specific to each client’s needs. The matrix of workouts are designed to stimulate the muscles by routinely changing the types of exercise movements. By doing different exercises, your body will continue to change and ensure that you will never plateau.

All of our classes are taught by a personal trainer and include custom nutrition plans! Erin has developed specialized training methods including circuit training, weight training, boxing, dance, pilates, cycling, resistance, isometric and strength training! No matter your age or fitness ability, all classes are tailored to help you achieve your specific personal goals!

Erin also specializes in diabetes prevention, maintenance and health management!

Come be a part of our family to live a long, healthy and happy life!
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Glowfit Classes

Workout with Erin yeomans in her state of the art glow in the dark facility in Burbank California.

Erin Yeomans is the creator of glow-in-the-dark fitness. With disco lights and dj music Erin’s Fitness Club brings excitement to working out and staying fit.

Experience the difference for yourself and remember your first Glow Class is FREE!

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Personal Training

Looking to run your first marathon? Or compete in your first fitness competition? Are you recovering from an injury or illness? Then personal training may be the perfect match for you!

Erins Fitness Club offers personal training programs that are created based on your needs. Contact us today for your FREE in house consultation.

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All Erins Fitness Club packages and programs include nutrition.

For food and nutrition consultations contact us today.

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Group Training Schedule

7:00 am
8:00 am
9:15 am
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